About MudDogs

In 2004, the Barbados Rally Club (BRC) organised its first navigational Championship. This form of motor sport has been part of the club from the inception, some fifty years ago. The format has been slightly tweaked to focus on four wheel drive off-road vehicles with “special stages” of the past being replaced by challenges which test driver and vehicle ability while manoeuvring through rugged terrain at a much slower speed. The navigation emphasis has remained unchanged and sparks keen competition year after year.

Over the past five years, the championship has established itself as an important part of the BRC’s annual calendar, attracting more than 300 different competitors, male and female, from various age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Initially envisaged as a mixture of on and off road events, the championship has evolved into an off – road competition, resulting in a change of title in 2006 to BRC Safari Championship. The BRC Safari Championship operated as a component of the BRC annual motor sport calendar and is managed through a representative of the BRC Management Committee. The championship is also endorsed by the Barbados Motoring Federation (BMF) and operates within the framework of the BMF calendar.

In essence, anyone with a four wheel drive jeep or pick up can compete, no additional equipment is necessary, making it a great, low cost, entry point for motor sport. The 2009 championship not only attracted a number of novices, but also brought out retired well known names from the sport’s past. In this discipline of motor sport, the emphasis is placed not on speed, but on the ability of a crew to interpret, and then follow, a pre-set route at a low average speed, taking into account the terrain. The routes do not require the closure of any public roads, but use lands belonging to estates and private individuals, from whom permission is sought by the BRC prior to each event.

In 2008 The Barbados Rally Club re-branded 4x4 motorsport which included the navigational events as well as the new challenge events which have become known as Mud Fests. Hence, the Mud Dogs were born. From 2008 until the present, Mud Dog 4x4 Motorsport has been growing at a rapid rate. Not only have we become a popular name amongst motorsport enthusiasts, but the reach has been far wider and this exciting new concept has captured the attention of Barbadians, both young and old. Evidence of this has been the increasing number of spectators coming to our events and by conversations with people all across the island who have gained recognition of our competitors and their vehicles from the wide spread media coverage that we have attracted throughout over the last two years.